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Tutoring Types and Rates


Tutoring Type     Hourly Rate

Deluxe In-Home Tutoring:

In-Home Tutoring:
Deluxe On-Site Tutoring:
On-Site Tutoring:
Phone/Video Tutoring:

Please note that tutors competent in higher level Math and Science courses cost an additional $5/hr
(i.e. Chemistry, AP Biology, Physics, Geometry Honors, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus)


What is a Deluxe Tutor?

  • In addition to regularly scheduled tutoring sessions, Deluxe Tutors call their students twice each week to answer questions and to generally keep their students on track. Deluxe Tutors also email weekly progress reports to keep you updated on the progress being made during the tutoring sessions.

  • Deluxe tutors are also available on an as-needed basis for additional charges (billed hourly in 15 minute increments). At your request, your tutor will call and/or meet with your child's teacher and inquire about how best to help your child succeed in his/her class. Also at your request, Deluxe Tutors will prepare lessons plans (providing that you purchase the textbook). If your child needs addititional help, they can rest assured knowing that they can call their tutor at any time for as-needed help.*

    *subject to your tutor's availability.


What is an In-Home Tutor?

In-Home Tutors can come to your home or to another location (i.e. public library). We ask that a responsible adult be on the premises -and within earshot from the student- whenever an in-home session occurs unless the location is sufficiently public (i.e. public library). In-home help is available, at the advertised rates, for those living within 7 miles of the Claremont Colleges. Others will experience higher hourly rates. To find your distance from the Claremont Colleges, visit Google Maps and "Get Directions" from your home address to "900 Columbia Ave, Claremont CA 91711". Estimated travel distance will show at the bottom of the page.



Where do On-Site Sessions take place?

On-Site Sessions take place on the Claremont Colleges' campus, generally at one of the college libraries. As most of our tutors are students of the Claremont Colleges and independent contractors, they have permission to use the Claremont Colleges' facilities for tutoring.


Phone/Video Tutoring

Tutoring via the web and the telephone may be just what your child wants.
Your tutor will be able to answer questions over the phone, and will be able to draw diagrams using instant messaging software. See below!