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Frequently Asked Questions

          Tutoring Type                             Hourly Rate

          Deluxe In-Home Tutoring:              $40

          In-Home Tutoring:                          $35

         Deluxe On-Site Tutoring:                 $35

         On-Site Tutoring:                            $30

          Phone/Video Tutoring:                    $20

    Please note that tutors competent in higher level Math and Science courses cost an additional $5/hr (i.e Chemistry, AP Biology, Physics, Geometry Honors, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus)

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When can I get a tutor?

After submitting a Tutor Request, you will be contacted within three business days with potential times for your first tutoring session. The date of your first session will depend on your availability.


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What subjects and ages do you serve?

Our tutors can help with a large variety of subjects. We have found that they are most helpful for students needing help in middle school and high school subjects. Elementary School students or students requiring help in a non-regular subject are advised to provide adequate learning materials and objectives to ensure that tutoring sessions have enough structure.

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How long are sessions?

Each session must be at least 1hr.

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How and when do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Upon completion of your first session ( assuming you're satisfied with your assigned tutor ) we will collect your credit card number to be authorized and securely held on file. At the beginning of each month an invoice will be sent by email for your viewing. You will have one week to review the details of the invoice before your card is automatically charged.


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Will I be locked into a contract?

No. However, you'll be asked to maintain a schedule of at least 2hrs/week. See fees for under-scheduling below. You may cancel your relationship with us at any time with no penalty. Your deposit will be applied to your last invoice and any remaining credit will be returned to you.

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What are your fees?


Set Up Fee: 
Late Cancellation*: 
(less than 24hrs notice) 
Late Cancellation*: 
(less than 4hrs notice) 
  Full price
Under scheduling:
(less than 2hrs/wk)
$5 more per hour

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