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“My son was scared at first as he has never used a tutor before. Our tutor was very nice, down to earth, and made my son feel more at ease. You can see how much our tutor loves math and I think he made my son enjoy it more too! His grade has greatly improved*
-Arin Hodge, Claremont

“Our tutor is fantastic! Our son loves her and she’s very versatile: Math, Handwriting, Piano, French. She’s patient, yet firm.”
-Jane Purcell, Claremont

"We are extremely pleased with our tutor. She doesn’t intimidate our daughter and makes tutoring a great experience”
-Stoneman’s, Claremont

“We have been very pleased with your tutoring services. Our tutor was really wonderful. We’d love to have him tutor again next year, if at all possible.”

“Everything was great! My tutor was very helpful and nice. I learned more from her than my teacher!”
- Anon, Upland

“We are very satisfied. Our tutor is a dependable, courteous person. Our daughter states that he is quite knowledgeable about math and that she has learned many new skills”



 “Claremont Tutors was very flexible and gave us a smooth experience. We are extremely satisfied with [our tutor]. Her demeanor and attitude were conducive to an atmosphere which facilitates my daughter’s learning. My daughter’s grade has gone up in math”
-Nivia Adler, Claremont



"Everything has been very smooth. Payment is easy. They're responsive to student needs."
-Jane Powers, Claremont (Pre-Calculus)



"Everything was great! My Tutor was very helpful and nice. I learned more from her than I did from my teacher."
-Anon, Claremont (Chemistry).



"Everything has been excellent! The turn around time was good. There was nothing I had to guess about. Everything was upfront and easy. We think our tutor is phenomenal. Because of her ability to connect with my daughter, she is so much more interested in working on her studies"
-Cher Ofstedahl, Upland



 “The quality I experienced with Claremont Tutors was wonderful because my test scores and grade went up. I was very satisfied with the program and it helped me improve in school”
-Joey Correa, Claremont



“Claremont Tutors was able to set me up with a tutor. Scheduling was not an issue and I like the fact that the tutor came to my home. I was very satisfied with my son’s tutor. I felt she explained the work in detail and made it easy for my son to understand his work”
-Anon, Upland



 “Claremont Tutors was fast, efficient and professional in locating a tutor for our son. Everything was disclosed up front so there were no surprises. Our tutor was outstanding!! He really helped our son with the algebra concepts and opened doors for him to improve his grade and do well on tests.”
-Elenbas’, Claremont


"Everything has been excellent. We are extremely pleased with our tutor. She doesn't intimidate our daughter and makes tutoring a great experience."
-Marita Stoneman, Claremont (French)



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