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What is Claremont Tutors?

Founded in 2005 by two students attending the Claremont Colleges, Claremont Tutors is a professional tutor referral service. By assisting with session set-up, scheduling, and payment, Claremont Tutors makes it easy to find and keep a great tutor! Tutors can provide one-on-one assistance in-home, at a public location, or on-site in Claremont, CA.



Who Are The Tutors?

Our tutors are experienced, competent and passionate about learning. As they are all currently enrolled or recently graduated college students, they are able to educate, motivate, and relate to their students in ways other tutors can’t! Their strength lies in their enthusiasm and strong grasp of the materials. You are asked to provide learning materials (i.e. textbooks) and general objectives (i.e. "an A in Geometry"). We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with your tutor or your session is free!



How Do I Get A Tutor?

Just Request A Tutor! You'll be contacted shortly with potential times for your first tutoring session.



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